irin rahamim

Production School

The curriculum of “Irit Rahamim” Event Production School was developed over a span of three years by Dr. Judith Sizmanovich and High Teach Company.

20 years of rich experience in producing all types of events led by the industry leader and school chairman, Irit Rahamim, have been translated into a meticulously detailed lesson plan, aimed to teach the most exciting, engaging and rewarding profession in the most fundamental and professional way.

The detailed syllabus encompasses all aspects of event production of any kind,

for example: how to best manage existing and potential clients, maximizing proper utilization of the event budget,

establishing relationships with suppliers, managing unpredictable scenarios, etc

Irit and the professional and skilled teacher team deliver the lessons in an experiential and practical way, and the subjects that are taught are implemented in the field through various and varied projects in which the students take part.

If you have the ability to handle multiple tasks under pressure, if you are detail orientated or if you are creative and think outside the box and your passion is to make people happy in their happiest moments  Come and join us!

Come and fulfill an exciting and adventurous career with us.

Irit Rahamim