irin rahamim

״My attention to the details, both big and small,
is consistently at an exceptionally high standard״

For the past twenty years, “Irit Rachamim Event Productions” has been leading the event industry in Israel and worldwide. 

The wonderful events, for which the company is responsible, are documented across all printed and visual media platforms as well as across digital media, and has received countless praise thanks to Irit’s uncompromising, unique and original imprint on every occasion, whether it is a wedding, a celebration or a bar or bat mitzvah, or a birthday party.

Our vast experience and professional vision, and the professional and personal relationships we have built in the event industry, enable us to make the impossible possible. Our passion, as well as our professional commitment, is to excite and delight people in the happiest moments of their lives and our expertise is very clear 

and defined: to execute our clients vision and imagination, and to engrave in their and their guest’s hearts wonderful memories of a one-time event –  their unique event.

Every event produced by ‘Irit Rahamim Productions and Designs’ is a spectacular, unique and all – encompassing experience, and although Irit herself has been defined by the media as 

“in highest percentile of producers”, it is important to emphasize that our expertise is creating events for a wide range of budget frameworks.

Let us do what we know best: to charm your guests and create a memorable event for you to remember forever.